"Our mission is that no American should go bankrupt because of healthcare costs."

“We believe the best way to do that is to empower millions of insurers and distributors with tools to help guide members in making key decisions about health insurance.”
- Joseph Schneier, CEO

Our Story

What We Do

Built for the health insurance ecosystem of insurers, distributors, and members, Trusty.care is the end-to-end sales enablement platform that uses technology, data collection, and analysis to improve acquisition, lifetime value, member satisfaction, and payment integrity to get everyone into the right-fit plan.

Why We Help

In the US, 10,000 people turn 65 every day. By 2030, the (aging) majority of the US population will need some form of managed care, and 80% of seniors and their caregivers will need a broker to help them finalize their care decisions in a way that saves costs and reduces risks.

Who We Help

We help health insurance professionals to support their clients with essential insurance decisions. We’re proud to be a nationally recognized leading InsurTech company working to ensure no beneficiary goes through bankruptcy because of healthcare costs.

How We Help

Trusty.care powers the entire sales process through a unified, digital platform and is the first comprehensive solution for Individual, Medicare, and Ancillary markets. By presenting the information in an easy-to-understand way, insurance professionals and their clients can find ways to navigate the complexities of the healthcare system more efficiently.

The Trusty.care Team

Joseph Schneier
Executive Chairman/Chief Executive Officer & Co-founder
Joseph is a serial entrepreneur who, with his co-founder, founded and exited two companies in the educational technology space. Joseph worked with behavioral research scientists productizing their research with technology-based solutions for patient behavioral change, focusing on HIV drug adherence, health literacy, and addiction. In 2013, he co-founded Cognotion — a company solving the talent shortage of healthcare workers. In 2020, with James Firman, the former CEO of the National Council on Aging, Joseph founded Bellage, a company empowering older adults in healthy choices. Joseph has spoken at TedMed, Lake Nona, JP Morgan Healthcare. He is a mentor at New York University, Wharton, Cornell, Techstars, and is a Columbia University Fellow. He sits on the board of many well-respected LGBTQ support organizations including The Sam and Devorah Foundation for Transgender youth, Superbia Credit Union, and the board of Stonewall Community Development Corporation. He is a member of the LGBTQ+ Biden Council and LGBTQ+ District Attorney Queens Council.
Gerard Carey
Chief Technology Officer & Co-founder
Gerry is a veteran product leader and technologist with ten years of experience powering the “brains” of health tech and e-learning solutions. He’s applied his machine-learning expertise across the healthcare space — from infectious disease intervention, front-line worker training to impacting behavior change in hard-to-reach populations. Gerry and his co-founder, Joseph Schneier, also built companies in the educational technology space including Cognotion — a company solving the talent shortage of healthcare workers.
Bonnie Cheney
Acting Chief Executive Officer/ Chief Operating Officer
Bonnie has a strong background in data analytics and data models. She's created and executed effective marketing strategies and has been involved in the implementation of IT systems and software. She also managed finance and HR processes with a focus on team building and collaboration between departments. There isn't much Bonnie hasn't done when it comes to operations - and she truly enjoys all of it!
Toni Tashiro
Chief Revenue & Strategy Officer
Toni is responsible for leading and executing on the strategic initiatives to support the growth agenda at Trusty.care. As an executive leader with more than 35 years of experience in sales management, business development, client engagement and marketing, Toni has driven growth in health plans, health services, provider, content marketing, and tech-enabled organizations. Prior to joining Trusty.care, most recently Toni, as Chief Growth Officer at Spiras Health supported the Series B fundraise, leading the growth team, and previously led sales and client engagement for Linkwell Health and Healthways. Toni earned her Bachelor's degree at Bowling Green State University and her MBA from Indiana Wesleyan University.
Joon Bae
Director of Product, Trusty Back Office Pro
Joon has over 20 years of experience in technology consulting, software development, and management. As a leader in the software as a service (SaaS) industry, he has trained and mentored a large variety of employees with skills ranging from coding to development. This includes code camp graduates and DOD software developers who he worked with on development, integration, and process. He excels in outside thinking and strange dreams.
Tal Bogomolny
Design & UI/UX
Tal is Trusty.care's UI/UX lead and product designer, as well as an occasional web and video designer. As lead UI/UX designer, her responsibilities include gathering user requirements, designing graphic elements, and managing navigation components. Tal brings agility and a collaborative spirit to the team. She is excited about creating functional and appealing designs that address our clients' needs. In her free time, she's designing a video game.
Alexey Chernyuk
Senior Engineer
Alexey is an experienced software engineer and a whizz at designing, architecting, and implementing software infrastructures and applications for growing platforms. His responsibilities include developing and deploying Trusty.care's effective and efficient APIs and microservices to help the company expand its offerings and platform capabilities at a critical juncture in its growth. Outside of work, Alexey likes fixing cars and going surfing.
Pallavi Jaiswal
Director of Product, TSP/TCA
Pallavi is a strategic product manager and data analytics professional with over ten years of experience delivering digital healthcare products at leading organizations, including Mayo Clinic, United Healthcare, Optum, and Verisk Health. She strongly believes in Trusty.care's mission and the growing consensus that providing reliable data will significantly impact healthcare and how insurance can be delivered in the US market.
Dheeraja Kaja
Senior Director, Product & Engineering
Dheeraja has over 11 years of IT experience as an agile project manager in charge of organizing and directing the completion of projects. She's a North Dakota State University graduate with a Master's Degree in Engineering & Management. Her skills offer an invaluable contribution to the exciting technological advances that happen every day at Trusty.care. She travels to Alaska frequently for hiking, wildness adventures, and the aurora borealis.
Dan Kroszner
Senior Engineer
Dan has over ten years of experience as a web developer. In previous roles, he was looked to for providing leadership, marketing materials, and customer service, which has helped keep his focus on the customer experience regarding development and improvement of the Trusty.care products. His web development background has been critical in building the interface, functions, and navigation usability.
Eric Loucks
Senior Engineer
Eric has an academic background in mathematics and serves him well in his current role as a software engineer. He joined Trusty.care with a variety of professional experiences mainly revolving around automated manufacturing technology. With strong analytical and problem-solving skills, he always brings a measured approach and attention to detail to his work. When he is not working, Eric is welding, running, or rock climbing.
Denise Sison
Data Scientist
Denise is a non-practicing molecular biologist with extensive experience in infectious disease epidemiology and healthcare outcomes research. She is responsible for leveraging the required data and supporting the analytical needs of Trusty.care in order to develop solutions that power the complete range of software products. Originally from Manila, Philippines, she grew up in a culinary household and lived in a house with three kitchens.
Ty Thompson
Staff Engineer
Ty has experience in software development and IT support, which fuels his passion for developing software that aims to help and delight the Trusty.care customer. His background in resolving a wide assortment of technical issues bridges the gap between support and development. As a staff engineer at Trusty.care, he's part of the team of developers responsible for long-range planning and collaboration of current and future products.

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Building solutions to dismantle the unique roadblocks standing in the way of Americans getting the health insurance resources they need to live with dignity, less stress, and with their financial resources intact is no easy task. It’s going to take recruiting a diverse and energetic group of developers, QA managers, and tech sales/support people. 

If you’re looking to be part of a passionate team that cares about affordable access to healthcare and gets excited about developing technology and building solutions that will help, we want to talk to you.

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