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Kickstart a quality member journey on the road to happier health.

Our consumer engagement platform onboards and rewards members for taking health-improving actions and improves member retention through continuous, personalized engagement and education.

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• Increase member engagement and close care gaps
• Reduce dissatisfaction and member confusion
• Increase utilization of appropriate benefits
• Avoid over or under communication
• Reduce call time to call centers
• Refer members to additional support as needed
• Increase timely accurate risk score coding

For FMOs and Brokerages

For Health Plans

Increase your productivity and enrollment by:

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Cutting Administrative Time
The Instant Plan & Rx Review tool lets you compare up to 5000 beneficiaries' plans in minutes
Providing Needed Support And Training
Ready resources with a robust library of training videos and materials as well as live support
Quoting Only Plans Relevant to Your Agency
View and quote only the plans you offer and confirm preferred pharmacy and in-network providers
Making Drug and Claims List Collection Simple
Blue Button 2.0 integration allows you to quickly gather beneficiary drug and claims data
Managing Downline Producers & Agencies
Easily onboard and evaluate downline producers with compliance and certifications
Submit Any Carrier’s Beneficiary Forms Electronically
eSignatures, Scope of Appointment, and Integrated Health Risk assessment forms make direct enrollment simple

How Trusty Select Pro works

Trusty Select Pro improves the health insurance sales experience for the beneficiary

Improving health insurance sales for your clients means reducing dis-enrollment, faster time-to-sale, and creating available touchpoints with them all year round so you can:

Help those that need more time

Analyze their needs more efficiently

Update their profiles quicker

Follow-up on new client leads and referrals

Automating the complexity of health insurance sales with Trusty Select Pro streamlines the process, transforming the way Americans buy affordable healthcare throughout their lifetime.

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