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Power sales from first touch to tailored plan-matching to direct enrollment.

Trusty Select Pro is a complete Quoting and Enrollment platform that compares and evaluates all health Insurance plans nationally for all lines of business including O65, 65 (off-marketplace) and Ancillary (DVH).

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A customized solution for health plans with a Shop-to-Enroll member interface.

‍•    Quoting and Direct Enrollment
•    All lines of business including O65, 65 (off-marketplace) and Ancillary (DVH)
•    Find right-fit plans based on members' needs
•    Blue Button 2.0 technology
•    Instant Plan & Rx Review: Bulk medication reviews and notifications
•    Customer Support and Success tools
•    Streamline enrollment, renewals, and sales processes

Improve sales processes and customer acquisition with:

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Quoting and Direct Enrollment
All lines of business including O65, 65 (off-marketplace) and Ancillary (DVH)
Customer Support and Success tools
Ready resources with a robust library of training videos and materials as well as live support
Instant Plan & Rx Review
Run batch medication and plan reviews and notify consumers with stay or switch flags
Blue Button 2.0 technology  
Blue Button 2.0 integration allows you to quickly gather beneficiary drug and claims data
Find right-fit plans based on members' needs
View and quote the plans you offer, confirm preferred pharmacy and in-network providers
Streamline enrollment, renewals, and sales processes eSignatures, Scope of Appointment, and integrated HRAs  make direct enrollment simple

How Trusty Select Pro works

Trusty Select Pro improves the sales experience for agents & members.

Automating the complexity of health insurance sales with Trusty Select Pro is transforming the way Americans buy affordable healthcare throughout their lifetime. This means reducing dis-enrollment, faster time-to-sale, and creating available touchpoints with members all year round so you can:

Help those that need more time

Analyze needs more efficiently

Update member profiles quickly

Follow-up on leads & referrals

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